Father’s Day Flyer 9

Dad’s will enjoy your food and music. Frugal Dads will appreciate the free drink offer, too. But, first, their family members and friends how to find out about your special promotion! FlyerHeroes is here to help with a template that’s fast and easy to customize and distribute.

Here are some a few fun ways to distribute this Father’s Day promotional flyer:
1. Have a few waiters dress up with fake “Dad” mustaches, fake glasses, and blue ties. Ask them to pass out the Father’s Day flyers in front of your restaurant and in busy local commercial and residential areas on the weekend before the big day rolls around.
2. Place flyers on cars parked on local residential streets.
3. Use the digital flyer’s image to create a promotional postcard to mail out to loyal customers.
4. Post the digital flyer’s image in a Father’s Day blog post posted on your restaurant’s website.
5. Insert the flyer into a local targeted Facebook advertisement.
6. During the first two weeks of June, place the flyer in a Father’s Day card handed out to diners in your restaurant at the end of their meal.
8. Roll up the flyers like newspapers and hire someone to place them in local mailboxes or on the front steps of houses.
9. Blow up the flyer to an extra-large size and post it on public advertising displays.
I0. Insert the flyer’s digital image into social media posts the week before Father’s Day.
11. Use the flyer to create a Father’s Day ad to place in a local circular or community newsletter.

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