Father’s Day 6

Father’s Day and great BBQ are a classic combination. Why fuss and bother with formatting and designing a great-looking flyer when you can simply snap up this template? In less than 15 minutes, you can plug in your Father’s Day BBQ information and customize to your heart’s content. When you’re done and are ready to distribute this awesome flyer, below, are some ways to go big and get your BBQ are the community radar. Take out the ribs and burgers and get ready to serve a huge crowd!

  1. Use it for outdoor advertising. Hang it on bus and train shelters and other display spaces.
  2. Place the flyer on cars parked in residential areas near your business.
  3. Create a Father’s Day BBQ postcard using the flyer’s digital image on the front. Provide a “free drink for Dad” promotional code on the back.
  4. Post the digital flyer’s image in a Father’s Day message emailed to subscribers during the week before Father’s Day.
  5. Use the flyer’s image in a Facebook boosted post. Tweet it out on Twitter!
  6. Tuck a free beverage coupon and the flyer in a blank Father’s Day card. Blast it out to targeted residents.
  7. Distribute the flyer in a busy shopping center or strip mall.

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