Father’s Day 5

Your Father’s Day BBQ event is too good to hide. You’ve got the drinks, food, music, and plenty of good vibes to spare. With minimal effort, you can shine a HUGE light on your BBQ Special with this cool and casual Father’s Day flyer.

Here are some ways to promote, promote, promote, using this engaging Father’s Day BBQ flyer!
1. Plaster the flyer on utility poles, bus shelters, and other public spaces.
2. Place flyers on cars parked around your restaurant and in local residential areas.
3. Tweet the digital flyer’s image in a promotional Father’s Day tweet.
4. Use the flyer’s image in a series of Facebook advertisements targeting your zip code.
5. Distribute the flyer at public events, fairs, meetings, entertainment venues, and community events.
6. Keep a stack of the flyers at the entrance of your establishment during the week before Father’s Day.
7. Send out a promotional email message to your mailing list’s subscribers. Attach a coupon and a free drink coupon for Dad.
8. Use the flyer’s image to create a Father’s Day postcard to mail out to residents and customers.

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