Father’s Day Flyer Template 2

Dad’s are special people. Your establishment wants to show them how special they truly are. Quickly and easily promote your Father’s Day special offer with this eye-catching flyer. The hard work has already been done. Our design staff created a mouth-watering design that will drive people through your doors on Father’s Day! All you must do is input the details about your Father’s Day promotion, save, and print.

Here are some effective ways to distribute this Father’s Day flyer:
1. Blow up the flyer to poster size and post it on bus shelters and other public advertising spaces.
2. Have staff members place the flyer on cars parked around your restaurant during the weeks before Father’s Day.
3. Use the digital flyer’s image to create an inviting postcard invitation to hand or mail out.
4. Post the digital flyer image in a promotional social media Father’s Day post.
5. Use the flyer’s image on a local targeted Facebook Father’s Day paid ad or boosted post.
6. Hand out the flyer at local sporting events or at the entrance of barber shops and sporting goods stores.
7. Distribute the flyer in areas where there is heavy foot traffic: supermarkets, sporting goods stores, pubs, and health clubs.
8. Keep a stack of the flyer by your cash register and near your establishment’s main exit.
9. Post the flyer on the bulletin board at your local community center and main library.

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