Elegant Nightclub Flyer Template

Elegant Nightclub Flyer Template

Elegant Nightclub Flyer Template

Elegant Nightclub Flyer Template is a well organised, striking and bold nightclub flyer template design.

Design Style

This design focuses on information and segrates different information sections very well, which helps the reader find what they want to know about your club or event quickly.

One of my personal favourite elements of this design is the studded background. The subtle light reflections from the studs helps to contrast the content from the background.

Each of the information / element sections is contrasted very well from the background and the rest of the design through thick and heavy metallic borders.

The top of the design has space for a feature image, whilst most of the design is used for presenting information.

Each piece of text is bold and stirking. The title has a glossy overlay and subtle metallic 3D effect to help it stand out from the page.

As is common with our flyers, to add even more value we’ve also thrown in a large sticker area for important information and styled it to match the design of this club flyer.

It’s not all seriousness with this flyer though! To help increase the disco-club vibe, we’ve thrown in some 3D disco balls in the foreground and background to help add depth to the design whilst also giving it more of a club-feel!

What fonts do I need for this template?

General information:

Elegant Nightclub Flyer Template is a fully editable Photoshop PSD. Once you have downloaded this template, using Adobe Photoshop CS4+ you can make use of this flyer design an unlimited number of times 100% royalty free.

You are free to customise this design however you wish and use in both personal and commercial projects without ever crediting FlyerHeroes.

Stock images of models are not included in the final download.

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