Cinco De Mayo Flyer v2

Your club will be rocking and flooded with customers on May 5, when you use this stunning Cinco De Mayo flyer, featuring a traditional Mexican skull design, to promote your festive celebration. Your promotional efforts will be easy, breezy, and successful when you hand out flyers and sombrero-shaped cookies in front of busy local venues.  To draw additional attention to your marketing efforts, hire a Mariachi band to stroll down busy sidewalks while staff members dressed in festive Mexican costumes distribute flyers. At churches, libraries and schools, hand out flyers along with donkey and jalapeno-shaped cookies to people entering and exiting front staircases.

To reach out to your social media followers,  insert the Cinco De Mayo flyer into Twitter and Facebook posts and include it in a promotional Cinco De Mayo email. If you’ve got a sizable mailing list, use your flyer on the front of a postcard to create a Cinco De Mayo postcard marketing campaign. Or, tuck Mexican candy and flyers into a festive envelope and blast the flyers to targeted subscribers in your company’s database.

Don’t forget public display spaces like bus and train shelters or storefront windows, either! Our Cinco De Mayo poster is so strikingly distinctive it will get draw eyes wherever you post it. So, post it widely and post it often to keep your event high on the public radar!

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