Cinco De Mayo Flyer v1

Our colorfully festive Cinco De Mayo flyer, featuring iconic Hispanic skull artwork, will surely trigger a flood of positive responses to your upcoming Cinco de Mayo event. To distribute, head down to peak traffic areas with bags filled with colorful sugared candy skulls and tons of flyers. After all, who can resist a tasty Mexican sugar skull? On days, when it is sunny and warm, hire a Mariachi band to perform at a local park while staff members hand out flyers to all who gather to listen. Or, bring stacks of flyers and trays of sombrero and Mexican skull cookies to your local community center or Chamber of Commerce meeting to promote your Cinco de Mayo event in the sweetest way possible! Once you’ve hit every club, gym, library, hair salon, laundromat, and shopping mall in town, it’s time to promote your event via social media. Simply insert the flyer into Twitter and Facebook posts and e-newsletter mailings. Post it on your website or run a targeted Facebook ad. If you’ve got a sizable mailing list, use your flyer on the front of a postcard to create a mass mailing Cinco De Mayo campaign. Or, tuck Mexican candy and flyers into a festive envelope and blast the flyers to targeted subscribers in your company’s database. Brainstorm additional festive and fun ways to distribute our professional-looking Cinco de Mayo flyer and you’ll be booked to capacity in no time at all.

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