Chrome Nightclub Flyer Template

Chrome Nightclub Flyer Template

Chrome Nightclub flyer template is a metallic / chrome themed club flyer template.

Design Style

The clue with this one is definitely in the name. Chrome Nightclub flyer template is covered from head to toe in a ‘Chrome’ style of design.

The header and footer of this design both use reflective chrome stocks to give the impression that they’re made from chrome and the effect definitely works well.

The title text, sticker and ‘strokes’ added around elements like stickers and DJ image slots also utilize the chrome style design.

The background of Chrome Nightclub Flyer is made up of a padded/studded leather pattern and inner-club image.

The layout is a fairly common and easy to use flyer design layer. There’s a large amount of space in the header area for a stock image, multiple sticker areas (our examples use a ‘Free Entry’ sticker and ‘Camera Crew’ example) and elements in the footer for placing images of your DJ’s or performers.

The text is easily editable through the Photoshop Type Tool and the image elements are easily replaceable using clipping masks.

What fonts do I need for this template?

General information:

Chrome Nightclub Flyer Template is a fully editable Photoshop PSD. Once you have downloaded this template, using Adobe Photoshop CS4+ you can make use of this flyer design an unlimited number of times 100% royalty free.

You are free to customize this design however you wish and use in both personal and commercial projects without ever crediting FlyerHeroes.

Stock images of models are not included in the final download.

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