Bullets Free Flyer Template

For a whole host of reasons it’s been a rather long time since we posted a Free Flyer Friday – some of you would say too long a time. Even worse, looking at the dates it has been more than two months since I myself created a freebie (the free chalk menu) but I hope today’s offering can more than make up for that!

Whatever you may think, please don’t worry, Free Flyer Friday is not dead! Quite to the contrary, we’re back, live and kicking!

After the end of year celebrations, which were kindly covered with a free NYE flyer by Saltsjaker911, the team and I took a break, I got ill on vacation and one thing after another we’ve spent the past two months catching up on work, creating bucket loads of new content for the Store and dealing with the day to day running of FlyerHeroes.

Alas, the show goes on! Today’s freebie Bullet Flyer Template gets its name from… well I’ll let you figure that one out. Filled with speeding bullets and sharp graphics, Bullets Flyer Template packs attitude. So much so that I hope to see it matching the likes of Excess Mondays Flyer Template when it comes to download numbers and popularity amongst the FlyerHeroes community.

To be honest with you, this is again one of those flyers that I start out as a freebie and then end up asking myself “Adam why the hell are you giving this away for free?! Well, I guess we wouldn’t be Heroes if we didn’t offer top quality content, huh?

So, let’s dig into the details of this badass attitude-filled masterpiece of a flyer template:

What fonts do I need for this flyer?

  • Impact (system font)
  • Times (system font)
  • Edition

The bullets:

You may have heard, we recently launched a site called DesignerCandies, which is the source of the badass bullets used in this flyer. You should definitely head on over there and download some free stuff. It’s our little side project PACKED with useful resources for graphic designers, especially folk like you who’re making flyers.

Bullets Flyer Template preview:

Bullets flyer preview

Packed with energy, “Bullets Flyer Template” is a suiting name thanks to the 3D bullets shooting from the center-background of the flyer out towards the edges, as though someone is shooting an automatic weapon from behind the main model image.


Bullets Flyer Template by FlyerHeroes

With a serious attention to detail, the edges of bullets that catch the light have added highlights, the background features a subtle tech/modern camo pattern and the metallic edges of shape layers (like the middle circle) are surrounded with a metallic gradient made up of colors taken from the bullet’s surfaces.


Bullets Flyer Template example poster mockup

Perfect for flyers and posters alike. Bullets Flyer Template by FlyerHeroes is an exceptional design template available as a high resolution 300dpi CMYK print ready file: perfect for making a lasting impression whether given out as a flyer or printed in all its glory as a billboard poster!

By downloading Bullets Flyer Template you agree to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.

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