Blessa Ladies Night Flyer Template

<!– Blessa Ladies Night Flyer Template –!>

Blessa Ladies Night Flyer Template

Blessa Ladies Night Flyer Template is a bold, bubbly and bright pink flyer template for ladies only events!

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Design Style

Featuring a very disco-ish design, Blessa Ladies Night Flyer sports a large glitter ball in the header of the flyer, falling pink 3D love hearts and subtle floral vector flourishes in the background.

The header of the design features a full-width strip to display the name of your club, event or any other information.

A little lower down is a small and simple editable sticker area to display important information. As you can see we decided to go with Have a night off! in our example!

The title text has a subtle chrome style pattern overlay as well as being slightly 3D. This text is very easily editable via the Photoshop Type Tool.

Underneath the main title text is an enlarged area for subtitle information and images of the night’s performers with adjoining text to give their names.

As well as being a pretty awesome and easy to use Ladies Night Flyer, Blessa could also make for a great Valentines Flyer Template – just a though!

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General information:
Blessa Ladies Night Flyer Template is a fully editable Photoshop PSD. Once you have downloaded this template, using Adobe Photoshop CS4+ you can make use of this flyer design an unlimited number of times 100% royalty free.

You are free to customise this design however you wish and use in both personal and commercial projects without ever crediting FlyerHeroes.

Stock images of models are not included in the final download.

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