Black History Flyer v1

There are at least 28 ways ( the entire month of February) to use this professional-looking flyer to effectively promote Black History Month events. Easily editable, you can use it again and again to promote one or more events.  Where to distribute this striking flyer? Start by handing it out or leaving stacks of flyers at churches, schools, laundromats, movie theatres, shopping malls, hair salons and nail salons, and other high-traffic zones.

Dress up actors as the prominent black men and women featured during Black History Month to distribute these flyer around the entrances of popular restaurants, clubs, community centers, and bars. To further expand on your marketing efforts, consider these ideas:

  • Insert the flyer into social media posts on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Use it to create a special promotional Black History Month email.
  • Blow it up and post on a bus shelter and other display spaces.
  • Attach Black History Month fact sheets to the flyer before distribution at libraries and community centers.
  • Use the flyer to create Black History Month postcards
  • Hire street musicians to play the songs of noted black musicians, songwriters, and singers while your staff members pass out flyers.
  • Tuck the flyers into envelopes along with Black History Month bookmarks for a mass mailing marketing campaign.
  • Ask shop owners (beauty shops, clothing shops, etc.) to place stacks of flyers by their cash registers.

You can keep it simple or distribute these flyers in a more extravagant fashion. The marketing potential for your one-time investment is unlimited—just like the royalty-free commercial and personal use license that comes with your purchase.

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