Armed Forces Appreciation v3

Can you feel the respect? This Armed Forces Appreciation flyer is a powerful tribute to the service members, veterans, and military family members who are the focus of your Armed Forces Appreciation celebration. Because it is so important to honor these upstanding military staff members, you’ll want to cover as much promotional ground as possible.

Ensure that your Armed Forces Appreciation celebration has a full house to honor and recognize service members, by checking out these flyer distribution tips. With these tips and a little effort, you’ll receive maximum return on your one-time investment:

  1. Blow up the flyer to poster size and plaster copies on every advertising display in town.
  2. Mail stacks of flyers to military support organizations such as the American Widow Project, Blue Star Mothers, and Dogs for Heroes.
  3. Post the flyers on church, temple, college, and community center bulletin boards.
  4. Ask for permission to leave stacks of the flyers in local hospital waiting rooms.
  5. Place the flyers on the windshields of cars parked in local neighborhoods.
  6. Ask principals of schools for permission to provide stacks of flyers for teachers to hand out in class.
  7. Use the flyer’s digital image to create attractive postcards to hand out or to mail via postal mail.
  8. Put out a call for veteran’s to volunteer to hand out the flyers in areas with high foot traffic.
  9. Ask shop owners if they can place stacks of the flyers by their cash registers or display cases.
  10. Ask religious organizations to distribute flyers to their congregations.
  11. Post the flyer’s image across relevant social media platforms.
  12. Direct message subscribers in your database with a promotional message using the flyer’s image.
  13. Mail stacks of the flyers to military organizations and relevant nonprofit organizations.
  14. Distribute the Armed Forces Appreciation flyers at the entrances of VFW posts.
  15. Spend the weekend before the celebration handing out flags and flyers at your local park.

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