Free Steampunk Flyer Template

You asked for it, you got it! A free Steampunk flyer template!

Over the past few months I’ve had several requests for a Steampunk style flyer template, and this week’s Free Flyer Friday gives you exactly that!

In recent years, Steampunk has really shot to fame – especially within the graphic design community. It’s been an incredibly fascinating movement to watch grow and gain traction.

Over the time Steampunk has been rising in popularity, many of the world’s top class artists, designers and design collectives, like DEPTHCORE have started to join the trend by producing their own Steampunk style works – and what spectacular works they have been!

So what is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a science fiction/fantasy sub-genre that’s a style mash-up of 19th century industrialized looks and Victorian flourishes, drawing from the work of authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.

I kinda like to describe it as “Victorian futurism”. I guess as art / style / fashion is very much open to interpretation.

Read more on Steampunk here:

Free Steampunk Flyer Template

I must admit, Steampunk style artwork is probably something I would never have attempted. It’s very different to the work I usually produce and pretty much non-existent within the ‘club scene’ that we flyer designers usually provide artwork for.

However, today is my turn to produce a piece of Steampunk style work – and in true FlyerHeroes fashion, it’s not simply any-old Steampunk style artwork! It’s a flyer template of course! 😀

As you can see below (via the super cool animated GIF image) there are two colour options for the background of this flyer, which features a whole bunch of Steampunk style elements – pocket watches, cogs, gears, industrial style copper pipes etc – along with the usual flyer template features like places to put your event’s title, location, date, time, photos etc

Also as usual, you get a fully editable and well organised Photoshop PSD that you can download for free and customise to your Steampunk-heart’s content! 😛

What fonts do I need for this Free Steampunk Flyer Template?

Where can I get stock photos?

Free Steampunk Flyer Template

Steampunk Flyer Template Mockup

Free Steampunk Flyer Template Mockup


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