Zion Free DJ / Nightclub Flyer Template

After totally losing track of my time last week, I ended up not posting a free flyer. This only meant that I had to come back all guns blazing this week with something super hot to make up for the missed Friday!

I’m not sure about you, but I think I pulled it off – with Zion.

Zion is a free Photoshop PSD DJ / Nightclub flyer template that is simply badass and a freebie you guys went nuts for on our Facebook page!

Zion Flyer Template has a simple design style that is easy to customise.

The background is made up of a high definition grimy single colour patterned background of hazard-type diagonal lines. This use of a single colour makes changing the colour scheme of the whole design very easy – simply by using a Hue/Saturation layer mask.

The top of the design is taken up mainly by the feature image of your DJ / lead performer along with a large sticker type area with multiple layers of text.

The lower-third footer section is where the bulk of the flyer’s text is with plenty of space for you to insert all required and important information that is relevant to your event or club night.

So what fonts do I need for this flyer template freebie?

Not only does Zion DJ flyer template make for the perfect flyer design, it also works amazingly being blown up in size for posters which you can stick up in or around your club.

Check out the following mockups to see how you could use Zion!

Zion Free DJ Flyer Template (+ Bonus colour variation!)

Zion Free DJ Flyer Template

Free DJ Poster Template

Zion Free DJ Flyer Template Colour Variation

Free Nightclub Poster Template


By downloading this free DJ Flyer Template you agree to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.

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