Suicide Saturdays Free Flyer Template

WOWZA! How freaking cool is this for a free flyer template!? Introducing Suicide Saturdays, a badass, bright, vibrant and super sexy free bar / club flyer template – with an ATTITUDE!

I posted a preview of this freebie on our Facebook page a few weeks ago and you guys went absolutely nuts for it!

So, no more waiting folks, it’s finally here – scroll down the page and click download to get your hands on a copy at last!

What fonts do I need to use this free flyer template?

Suicide Saturdays is a flyer template I created.. let’s say.. ‘as practice’. As a designer, I’m an advocate of constantly learning new things, new ways to use your tools and new styles and methods of working whether from tutorials, tutors or simply by studying someone else’s work – regardless of how talented you already are.

…And this is the result of exactly that – me trying to improve my work by utilising different styles and being influenced by my peers.

Do you think I’ve done alright? Would you say this is different from my usual work? Do you like it?

Let me know in the comments!

We already plenty of clean and crisp flyers, so I think it maybe time to release a few more like this, you know, flyers with that dirty, grungy and in-your-face sort of pop about them.

Suicide Saturdays definitely gets us off to a good start with that I think!

Suicide Saturdays Flyer Template

Suicide Saturdays Flyer Template

Suicide Saturdays Flyer Template Mockup

Suicide Saturdays Flyer Template Mockup 2

Suicide Saturdays Flyer Template Mockup 4


By downloading this free flyer template, you agree to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.

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