Summer Siesta Flyer Template

Summer Siesta Flyer Template

Summer Siesta Flyer Template

Summer Siesta is a dark, contrasting high energy flyer template, perfect for jungle, dubstep or drum and bass flyer designs.

Design Style

With large 3D title text on a dark background with falling spiral spheres and disco glitter balls, all on top of vibrant tropical leaves, I’ve always imagined that Summer Siesta is cut out perfectly to be used as a Drum and Bass style event flyer!

The title text is built up from muliple smart object layers, each stretched to different sizes with different layer styles which when compiled together gives a great ‘moving’ effect to the text.

Editing the title text is (as usual) made easy through the use of Smart Object Layers. Simple

The header feature image is also Smart Object powered to give it the chrome-stroke effect which you can see in the preview. Simply open up the Smart Object, paste in your image, hit save and close the page.

The footer text area features space for DJ or performer names as well as event information.

What fonts do I need for this template?

General information:

Summer Siesta Flyer Template is a fully editable Photoshop PSD. Once you have downloaded this template, using Adobe Photoshop CS4+ you can make use of this flyer design an unlimited number of times 100% royalty free.

You are free to customise this design however you wish and use in both personal and commercial projects without ever crediting FlyerHeroes.

Stock images of models are not included in the final download.

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