Free Flyer Friday #49 – Premier Nightclub Flyer Template


The first month of the year is almost over, and in terms of free flyers and other such Photoshop freebies, we’re off to a damn strong start!

So far this year, we’ve already had 4 busy weeks, each finished off with an awesome Friday freebie. If you just so happened to have missed one of them (How could you!?), here’s what we’ve had so far:

This week’s free flyer template is called Premier, and what a premier quality flyer design it is.

Originally, I was going to put this in one of our Club Flyer Bundles (the Club Flyer Bundle 9 to be precise), but I figured we already had quite a few similar designs racking up in our premium collection, so I’d let this one slip out to the community at large.

With it’s simple text layout and bold, striking, super-clean design elements, Premier Nightclub Flyer Template will certainly help your brand stand out from the crowd!

Premier Nightclub – The Making of:

I’m not sure about you guys, but I find it rather beneficial to record my workflow every so often as I can retrace the steps I’ve taken to reach a final product and easily find areas where I can improve.

I know for a lot of you, though, it’s just fun to see the process taken to create some of these flyers! :D

So, what fonts do I need for this free flyer template?

Where can I get high quality stock?

Premier Free Nightclub Flyer Template

Free Nightclub Flyer Template

Premier Free Nightclub Flyer Template

Premier Nightclub Flyer Template


By downloading this free nightclub flyer template you agree to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.

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  1. Metz on

    Hey i open a psd files but dont see only a white paper why ?

    Screenshot :

    • Adam on Author

      Hey MEtz,

      you just need to turn on the layer visibility in the layers panel :)

  2. courtneyparrish on

    Why wont the template open once I download it?

    • Adam on Author

      It should do Courtney, have you unzipped the .zip file before opening in Photoshop?

  3. TheKruffessional on

    Where can I get girls like the one in the templates to use?

    • Adam on Author

      The images are taken from PhotoDune for a few bucks a pop :)

  4. Antwian Melvin on

    How do I open it in Photoshop? It wont open!!!

    • Adam on Author

      Are you trying to open the .PSD file in Photoshop?


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