Free Flyer Friday #54 – Free Reggae Flyer Template

Reggae Feature

Another Free Flyer Friday and another string to our bow! This week we’re coming in heavy with a badass free reggae flyer template!

Own a Reggae bar? In a Reggae band? Got a client who requires a reggae design or Rastafarian style flyer design? Then you won’t be disappointed!

This green, yellow and red Rastafarian inspired (how can you guess?! :P ) flyer template with chunky, bold and rustic text is perfect for promoting your next reggae events. With plenty of space for placing your event’s location, bar or club as well as ample space for performer names and image slots to show their pictures, you really can’t go wrong with customising this flyer!

With a very easy to use and very well structured Photoshop PSD, you can download this Free Reggae flyer and even the most novice of designers will have no trouble when it comes to editing! :)

All elements are editable, so if you want to remove any of the rather stereotypical ‘leaves’ (which I included rather reluctantly) you can do so very easily, and maybe replace them with a Jamaican or Rastafarian flag?

I must admit, I am not the biggest listener of Reggae music and I don’t often attend Reggae music events, so I would appreciate any of your feedback in the comments as to how I’ve done with this design.

I was, however, sat in a Reggae bar on Railay Beach and used the flags, imagery, music and ornaments that surrounded me as inspiration, so my apologies if I have gotten anything wrong!

What fonts do I need for this Free Reggae Flyer?

Where can I get cool stock photos?

Free Reggae Flyer Template

Free Reggae Flyer Template

Free Reggae Flyer Template

Free Reggae Flyer Template

Free Reggae Flyer Template


By downloading this free flyer template, you agree to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.

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  • alanpascoli

    Hello, there are some files .Psd that are corrupted, can not open them in Photoshop. They are (Flyer: Reggae; Flyer: Club-Chrome; Flyer: Luxury Lounge; Flyer: Retro Nightclub; Flyer: SFC Fight; Flyer: Synergetic) I’m only with this problem?

    • Adam

      You need to clear your web browser’s cache and redownload the files one at once.

      The files have become corrupted because your internet has cut out during download, most probably because you were downloading multiple large files at once.

      • alanpascoli

        I am very grateful for your attention, it is worth mentioning that this site is great!

        • Adam

          You’re very welcome man! Thank you for such kind words :D I hope you enjoy using all the freebies when you get them downloaded :D

  • Yannick Reid


    I myself am Jamaican and live in Jamaica so I can offer you a fair opinion. This layout is pretty good, and I observed that you reluctantly used the “leaves”, which is understandable as you stated- aren’t very big on reggae. In place of the use of marijuana, vines could be used to maintain that organic feel that is associated with reggae and will still carry across the idea. Another accepted cliche is the use of lions, depends on your taste, but fans of reggae won’t ever mind that.

    All in all, nice layout.

    • Adam

      Hey Yannick,

      I really appreciate you taking the time to give such in depth feedback – thank you.

      You’re right, I was most certainly reluctant as I guessed I was being more stereotypical with the design, rather than authentic.

      I think I will have to take your advice on board (do more research next time rather than simply sit in tourist reggae bars) and create a second Reggae flyer which is as authentic as they come :)

      Sound good?

      Thanks again Yannick!

      • Yannick Reid

        That sounds great Adam, I’ll be waiting for the next design :)

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