Free Keep Calm and Carry On Flyer / Poster Template

This freebie was originally posted in lieu of the Queen’s Jubilee weekend in the UK. Though there has been quite some time since this freebies was originally posted, it has not lessened in popularity.

Free Keep Calm and Carry On Poster / Flyer Template is of course inspired by the “Keep Calm and Carry On” motivational posters produced by the British government in 1939.

Today they have become somewhat of a pop culture icon and used for all manner of internet jokes, something we think bars and clubs can capitalise on with their marketing efforts.

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To help out the bars and clubs who’d like to add some character to their marketing, we’ve produced a replica Keep Calm and Carry On poster template which you can download for free – How cool is that!?

Although simple, this flyer is surely effective and perfect for celebrating anything from a weekly drink special to annual royal events.

Required Software & Fonts

Included in this free download is a fully editable and print-ready Photoshop PSD. To edit and customise this template properly, you will need Adobe Photoshop and some custom fonts.


By downloading this free flyer template, you agree to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.

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