Free Flyer Friday #18 – Free Business Flyer Template

Free Business Flyer Template

Most of our free flyer templates are for nightclubs and party events, so this week we thought we’d bring you something a little different – a free business flyer template, perfect to download and use for all your small business and corporate clients. You could even adapt it to help promote your own services! Read on for the free download link!

This free business / corporate flyer template is a simple, typography-based design, very easy to customize and adapt to any business related project you may have. Easily replace the logo/feature images etc.

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Where can I get stock photos for this design?

What fonts do I need?

  • ChunkFive
  • Myriad Pro (standard Photoshop font)

Free Business Flyer Templates


By downloading this free flyer template you agree to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.

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  • element

    Thank you.

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  • ncadet

    Hi I have download the ” Free Flyer Friday #18 – Free Business Flyer Template ” but I cant open it.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Love your work!

    • Adam

      Have you got a copy of Photoshop installed?

  • 87geo

    Great Works !

    • Adam


  • peric

    thank you for the psd..

    • Adam

      You’re welcome! :)

  • neorigen

    Hi I have subscribed for downloading this template and the download link goes to a not found page, would help me. thanks

    • Adam

      Hey Mario!

      Thanks for letting us know, check back in 10 minutes – I have our developer looking into it now :) Thanks!

  • JulianMichael

    Hi, this template looks great but I don’t have Photoshop. How can I open it ? Or is it just for those with photoshop?. I’m not a graphic artist so wouldn’t be able to use let alone afford Photoshop. I need a programme inspired and designed for graphic idiots. Can you help?


    • Adam

      Hey Julian, there’s unfortunately no other way to use the templates other than through Photoshop, however if you download a trial version, you should be able to figure out pretty easily how to use it :)

      • Julian


        Thanks Adam, great idea. I’ll give it a go.

  • Julian

    Thanks Adam, great idea. l’ll give it a go.


    hi i downloaded this and opened it in photoshop but it came up blank?

    • Adam

      You simply need to turn on the layer’s visibility in the layers panel :-)


    Ok, working now, thank you very much, its a great design.

    • Adam

      You’re very welcome! Enjoy!

  • juniasilva

    You are the KING of the flyers templates :) Thank you very much Adam! xx

    • Adam

      Thank you for the kind words, Juniasliva, you’re very welcome!

  • terravin212

    Hi! I downloaded the font Chunkfive but it automatically changes to myriad pro, and when I highlight the text and click on the font Chunk Five it still doesn’t change it.

    • Adam

      Try quitting photoshop and restarting. If it’s changing to myriad pro then the font hasn’t loaded into PS properly.

  • sami

    thank you so much

    • Adam

      You’re welcome :)

  • Makor

    Our lady of Guadalupe bless you my friend, i really needed a template like this because my lack of creativity, now i can start my business appearing professionalism, thank you so much

    • Adam McIntyre

      You are very welcome @Makor ! I hope this template is very useful for you :-)

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