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Retro Party Flyer 1

Want to announce a special evening at your venue? Our themed party club flyer template is waiting for you! This flyer is perfect for your retro night events. Its retro vibe will resonate with all disco lovers. There are two dominant colors – blue and orange and they perfectly draw attention. The flyer’s lower part… Read more »

Retrovilla Flyer Template

Retrovilla Flyer Template Retrovilla is the perfect balance of retro-vintage style and modern practicality. The retro TV in the center of the flyer gives you a bold platform to cleverly display your band’s PR shot. See also: All Indie / Rock Band Flyer Templates for Photoshop Surrounding the TV are layers of beautiful typography which… Read more »

Free Retro Flyer Template

Something a little different than our usual glossy-style nightclub flyers, this week we have a simple yet bold and striking free Retro Flyer Template – perfect for your retro events and 80’s nights! As mentioned above, this flyer is a little different from our usual action-packed and glossy free flyer templates, however, this retro style… Read more »

Retro Oktoberfest Flyer Template

Retro Oktoberfest Template Raise your glass and cheers! It’s time to celebrate Oktoberfest. With tall, frosty pints of beer, delicious food, and lovely ladies, everybody loves Oktoberfest. So if you’re a bar, club, or restaurant or are throwing an amazing Oktoberfest party, promote your upcoming event with the incredible Retro Oktoberfest Flyer Template from FlyerHeroes…. Read more »

Retro OktoberFest Flyer Template v2

Retro OktoberFest Flyer Template v2 An empty, frosted mug anxiously awaits being filled with golden, delicious beer. Finally, it’s the mug’s turn, being picked up by a beautiful bartender, filled to the brim with bubbly, smooth ale! It’s Oktoberfest, so celebrate your upcoming event with the Retro Oktoberfest Flyer Template V2 from FlyerHeroes. With a… Read more »

Retro Reggae Music Party Flyer Template

Retro Reggae Music Party Flyer Template Hit the beach, and enjoy some sun, some fun…and your favorite tunes! Grab your guitar and go barefoot for a Reggae Beach Party! If you’re throwing a party for a crowd that’s all about peace and harmony, promote your event with the Old Retro Reggae Music Party Flyer Template… Read more »

Flyerheroes Retro Flyer Bundle 2017

Get ready for 10 Retro Themed templates! Introducing: The Retro Theme Bundle! Bring back the Nostalgia and be Retro-riffic with these templates! Introducing the second of our Running Theme Flyer Bundles for bars and clubs! Grab all ten of these fabulously crafted with retro in mind themed flyer templates and promote all of your retro-riffic events! Hey… Read more »

Retro Movember Party Flyer Template

Retro Movember Party Flyer Template There are plenty of mustache styles to choose from. The manly man’s handlebar. The exotic Fu Manchu. The always mysterious goatee. It’s Movember, which can only mean one thing; the mustaches have arrived and they are exquisite. Promote your Movember celebration with the Retro Movember Party Flyer Template from!… Read more »

Retro Yard Sale Flyer Template

Retro Yard Sale Flyer Template When it comes to event planning, one of the toughest events to advertise for is a good old yard sale. We know everyone’s first instinct is to go for that homemade Bristol board sign, but we say why not show the neighbourhood that you mean business with one of our… Read more »

Retro Anthems Flyer Template

Retro Anthems Flyer Template Introducing our newest design for club flyers. An awesome way to promote and advertise your club’s events. With it’s bold and simple design, it’s the easiest way to communicate with your potential audience. Within minutes, you can promote on the go, just edit and replace text and images with your own…. Read more »

Jazz Concert Flyer 1

There is hardly an easier way to inform people you are hosting a jazz concert at your venue than using our jazz concert flyer template! This jazzy flyer features a playful saxophone in its lower part with music notes pouring out of it all the way to the top. Background is in dark green hues… Read more »

Club 90s Themed Flyer 1

Themed club parties are always a great idea to attract more guests. If you want to spread the word about the party you’re organizing quickly and at very little cost, look no further! FlyeHeroes’ themed party club flyer has everything you need! This retro flyer features a classic tape recorder in pink shades in the… Read more »

Club DJ Flyer 7

Featuring a DJ at your next big club event? Use this DJ club flyer template to showcase them front and center and get everyone excited about your special guest! This unique flyer brings a colorful, retro feel and is a great option if you’re featuring a high profile DJ that people will recognize. It includes… Read more »

Strip Club Flyer 2

Sexy meets retro in this retro themed strip club flyer template. This flyer features a flexible exotic dancer posing between red velvet curtains above a city skyline that says sexy fun in the city. The flyer also makes use of retro themed fonts and stars that combine with the imagery to give it a sexy… Read more »

Club Ladies Night Flyer 5

Free drink for the ladies! Attract the ladies and let them know you appreciate their presence by offering them free drinks with this retro themed ladies night flyer template. This retro feeling ladies night flyer is set on a purple background and features a mysterious female model inside a circle of lights that all combine… Read more »

Techno Party DJ Club Flyer Template

Hosting a special event or party at your venue? Promote it with this retro flyer! This flyer features a colorful, retro design that simply says party. The colorful textured background glows in resemblance of a lava lamp, filled with bubbles and explosive shards as highlights. A variety of unique, retro-looking fonts were used to promote… Read more »

Club Flyer 03

Bringing back some retro! Promote your special event with this simple, straight forward flyer. This flyer features a unique and simplistic design using a bright, warm color scheme. A solid baby blue background is accompanied by pieces of confetti and other artistic elements. Text can be customized for your event and is displayed in various… Read more »

Craft Beer Happy Hour Flyer

Craft beer is a booming business – tap into this market with our Craft Beer Happy Hour flyer! This flyer uses a 50s retro design to really grab attention. Amber fonts and graphics appear on a green background, accented by cream and black design elements. The event title appears at the top of the page,… Read more »

Club Flyer 03

Grab attention with this colorful Club Flyer! This flyer has a retro theme, using shades of pink, gold, and purple. The model, colorized in tones of purple, is wearing throwback round glasses, further highlighting the vintage feel. The center text uses a brush script font, for a hand-drawn look, over a dark swash of purple…. Read more »

Stump Indie Poster Template

Stump Indie Poster Template A simple, elegant and clutter free layout with beautiful faux-age and decay effects that add a timeless sense of history to your brand. Stump Indie Poster Template fuses classic World-war era design with modern retro-vintage. This sleek weekly billing poster template is a fantastic choice for any upfront indie venue with… Read more »

Band Flyer 02

Hosting a special music night at your venue? Promote it with this bold flyer! Our special event flyer features a modern and simplistic design that simply draws the eye. A dark blue color scheme on a light background creates perfect contrast. Text elements are clear and bold, and use a variety of different fonts, sizes,… Read more »

The Band Wagon Flyer Template

The Band Wagon Flyer Template An exceptional two-tone flyer/poster design for indie bands no matter their genre. The Band Wagon Flyer Template features plenty of rich text areas, including space for titles, subtitles, dates, and small print. See also: All Indie / Rock Band Flyer Templates for Photoshop You’ll easily create a rockstar design with… Read more »

Indie Rock Flyer Template

Indie Rock Flyer Template Print out your new posters with a stunning vintage effect! Indie Rock Flyer Template has a grimy and weathered style giving it the classic indie band gig poster appearance. See also: All Indie / Rock Band Flyer Templates for Photoshop With a large image placeholder in the middle of the flyer,… Read more »

Band Flyer 03

Gather around for the music! Promote your special event with this modern flyer! Our special event flyer features a simple, clean, and vintage-style design. A black and white color scheme creates the perfect contrast to promote your event and clearly display its information. A variety of bold fonts, styles, and sizes were used and can… Read more »

Indiefest Fridays Flyer Template

Indiefest Fridays Flyer Template Indiefest Fridays gives you a newspaper style flyer / poster design to promote your live band events, drinks promotions and more on one single page. See also: All Indie / Rock Band Flyer Templates for Photoshop Alongside the large image placeholder, there are multiple text areas for you to insert important… Read more »

Carbon Copy Flyer Template

Carbon Copy Flyer Template Carbon Copy is a simple indie poster design with a modern layout and grimy overlaid textures. The layout is perfect for showcasing multiple performers, drink offers, menu items or events by days of the week. See also: All Indie / Rock Band Flyer Templates for Photoshop There’s plenty of room in the… Read more »

Happy Hour Beer Flyer 1

Happy hours and good beer go perfectly together! Promote your next happy hour with our Happy Hour Beer flyer! This flyer uses the color scheme from a good pint  – warm amber, rich cream, and deep brown. The style of this flyer is a retro design, making it appealing to a wide variety of potential… Read more »

Easter Party Flyer 4B

Get your customers’ attention with this fun Easter Egg Party flyer! This flyer uses a fun retro design, complete with a cute bunny and pink disco ball on a disco floor. The brown and white bunny contrasts sharply against the pink and gold background. The event title and description is at the top of the… Read more »

Video DJ Flyer 2

Have a special scene night? Use our Video DJ flyer to promote it! This flyer uses a red, tan, and black color scheme, with a stylized bird’s-eye cityscape as the background. The model in the center carries the color scheme further, by using black clothes, red lipstick, and her blonde hair. The event title uses… Read more »

Movember Celebration Flyer Template

Movember Celebration Flyer Template Did you know – that hairy little caterpillar under your nose is good for more than just showing off to the ladies? It’s true. As much as the women in your life love your mustache, it has an unimaginable power of great importance tis month. With it, you have the power… Read more »