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Unlimited Access to all our templates with a convenient monthly billing cycle.

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Why should you join FlyerHeroes PRO?

Unlimited Access to all our premium templates

To truly grasp the power of PRO, imagine with me for a second…

You login, choose a design, click download and it’s yours. No hassle, no checkout.

You have unlimited access to 1000+ mind-blowing templates.

A growing collection of pre-made templates, created by the best flyer designers in your industry.

How easy would it be to impress your clients? How quickly would you create PRO-quality designs?

With FlyerHeroes PRO, you get unlimited access to all our flyers – no more buying templates for quick design jobs. Just login and download.

There’s no restrictions and you get everything that’s in our library. Plus you also get every new template we publish during the period of your PRO subscription.

You’re right. That’s Awesome.

Convenient One-Click download on All Templates

You have a busy schedule. Your clients are demanding.

As a freelancer or print shop, you’re judged on whether you can deliver design projects fast. You don’t have time to waste purchasing templates on a job-by-job basis. You just want to find a design, decide and download.

With PRO, this convenience is baked in. At your fingertips are all 1000+ templates with fast & convenient one-click download.

Includes all new templates added during your subscription

“What happens after I join?”

A very good question, and the answer sounds too good to be true.

Not only do you get full and unrestricted access to our complete back-catalogue of flyer templates (i.e everything in our Store), but you also get every new template we publish during your time as a premium member.

You heard correct: you get every new template we publish as well as everything that is currently in our Store.

“Unparalleled, super-hero value” – That’s FlyerHeroes.

Rockstar Customer Support

Just because you have unlimited access to all our templates doesn’t mean you get any lower level of customer support. All customers are treated equally at FlyerHeroes (and with lots of love!).

If you’re struggling with a template, having issues with your account of simply want to have a chat about flyer design, we’re just an email or Facebook message away – and we’re always happy to hear from you!

Pre-Purchase FAQs:

  • Do I really get unlimited downloads and access to everything?
    Yes, you really do. Everything you see in our store is instantly available to download after you become and PRO Member. There are no download limits and you get every new template we publish, on top of everything that is already in our Store.
  • What is the difference between the Monthly & Annual plan?
    Both plans include unlimited access to all our templates. The annual plan is much better value for those who want to get most out of their subscription, however you should choose whichever plan suits your needs.
  • I already have purchases in my FlyerHeroes account, what happens to them?
    Any purchases you already have in your account will be unaffected and stay in your account forever.
  • How often will you add new templates?
    Recently we have been publishing several new templates every week. Also, over the last 6 months have added around 150 new templates to our store. We will continue to publish new templates on a regular basis and we have no plans to slow down.
  • Can I use your templates in commercial design projects?
    Yes! You can! Any template you download as a PRO Member is subject to the same unlimited-use licensing conditions as a regular customer.
  • Is the annual plan always going to be $89?
    Should you join FlyerHeroes PRO today for $89, you will never be charged more than $89 per year. We do expect the price of joining PRO to increase as our library of templates grows. However price increases will not affect existing customers, so hurry and join before the price goes up!
  • What happens if I want to cancel my PRO Subscription?
    Cancelling your PRO Subscription is easy. After joining PRO, a cancellation button will be added to your account settings page. Using this button you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. If you have any difficulties, simply contact our support and we’ll be more than happy to cancel it for you.




$19 Billed Monthly

Unlimited Access to all our templates with a convenient monthly billing cycle.

Join Monthly