Free Flyer Friday #87 – Disco Diva Flyer Template

Disco Diva Flyer Template is the perfect design for promoting your next ladies night. A bright pink colour scheme, floral background and bursting at the seams with energy and 3D elements makes this freebie a brilliant fit for a female-fuelled event.

That being said, should you want to change the colours, text, 3D elements and more to something other than a ladies night style flyer design, this free and exceptionally easy to use PSD will make those customisations a breeze.

Just like last week’s freebie, Bullets, we once again need to say thank you to DesignerCandies, this time for the use of the free sphere renders that we’ve used in this flyer template.

It may be hard to see but the sphere renders were used in the foreground of this flyer template design as falling objects, but also as borders for the title text background circles (it’ll become more clear after you download the template!).

As usual with all of our free flyer templates you get a fully editable Photoshop PSD, with well organised and easy to use layers. Customising this flyer template is particularly easy as it only uses system fonts and has a very simple layer structure.

I look forward to seeing what you folks can produce, don’t forget to post some pictures in the comments or on our Facebook page!

What fonts do I need for this free flyer?

  • Times (system font)
  • Impact (system font)

Where did you get the stock photos?

Disco Diva Flyer Template Preview:

Disco Diva Flyer Template

Disco Diva is a free Photoshop PSD flyer template perfect for promoting ladies night events with it’s bright and vibrant pink colour scheme.


Disco Diva Free Flyer Template

Disco Diva Flyer Template has an easily customisable colour scheme due to using only one main colour – the background pink. Easily change this by replacing the background layer or by using a hue / saturation mask.


Free Ladies Night Poster Template

This ladies night style free flyer design is perfect printed as a flyer or poster. A design such as Disco Diva will not go unnoticed around town!


Disco Dive Flyer Template Blue Version

Don’t like the pink colour scheme? Here’s an example of Disco Diva in a striking blue colour scheme. Pretty sweet huh?


Disco Diva Poster Mockup

Make an impression with Disco Diva Flyer Template by FlyerHeroes. Blown up to poster-proportions, this high quality, bold and striking design is the perfect way to promote your event around town.



By downloading Disco Diva Flyer Template you agree to use it in accordance with our File licenses.

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