Flyer Templates by Saltshaker911

This week’s round up of fabulous flyer templates comes courtesy of the amazing Saltshaker911 from our favourite place, Graphicriver.

Ali, aka Saltshaker, has an incredibly recognisable and super high-quality style of design, one of my personal favourite Authors on Graphicriver.

Ali uses a generous mixture of 3D renders and highly detailed textures in his flyer templates which add a brilliant level of realism to his designs. He also on occasion likes to throw in some of FlyerHeroes’ very own free design resources too! :P

If you’re wondering to yourself where you may have seen this guy’s work before, or heard of the name Saltshaker911, he very kindly provided FlyerHeroes with a superb free flyer template download last week, which you can get your hands on here.

Lastly, as mentioned in the Free Music Love Flyer Template post, you can get in touch with Saltshaker911 via his online profiles:

1. Graduation / Prom Night Flyer Template

Graduation Flyer Template

2. Euro Soccer Flyer Template

Soccer Football Flyer Template

3. Cinco de Mayo Flyer Template

Cinco de Mayo Party Flyer 2

4. Cinco de Mayo Flyer Template

Cinco de Mayo Flyer Template

5. Deluxe Easter Flyer Template

Deluxe Easter Flyer Template

6. Urban Club Flyer Template

Urban Club flyer Template by Saltshaker911

7. Cube Club Flyer Template

Cube Club Flyer Template

8. Plugged In Flyer Template

Plugged In Flyer Template

9. Valentine Club Flyer Template

Valentine Club Flyer Template by Saltshaker911

10. New Year / Xmas Club Flyer Template

New Year / Xmas Flyer Template by Saltshaker911

11. VIP Lounge Flyer Template

VIP Lounge Flyer Template by Saltshaker911

12. Corporate Real Estate flyer Template

Corporate Real Estate Flyer Template by Saltshaker911

13. Bonus! Music Love Flyer Template by Saltshaker911 Free Download!


  1. huhh on

    Nice Showcase, I like his style.. Very clean and a master in using shadows if you ask me.
    The only thing that I find to be a little less is the fact that he makes the size of his dates a little too small.
    But I’m sure that’s just a matter of taste and easy to adjust when you buy his work from GraphicRiver. :)

    • Adam on

      Yeah, I am also a big fan of his work! But like you say, if you don’t like certain elements, the beauty of a template is you can change it :D


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