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What are Flyer Templates?

FlyerHeroes’ Flyer Templates are premade flyer designs that can be edited and customised for your brand or event.

The flyer template designs provided by FlyerHeroes are created and designed for the everyday business person and graphic designer alike.

They’re powerful, high quality and built from the ground up so they’re easy to use.

Our flyer templates are downloaded as fully customisable Photoshop PSD files.

A powerful advantage of using our templates is the full flexibility offered by providing the original source Photoshop files.

By providing our templates in Photoshop PSD format, you are in no ways limited in your customisation needs.

Downloading the full source file of the design allows you to change, edit and customise each and every element of the original design.

This powerful customisation ability combined with our well structured, organised and easy to use Photoshop documents makes customising our templates to suit your brand or club an absolute breeze.

Who can use our flyer templates?

Flyer templates are a great tool that can be utilised by anyone looking to save time or money – or both – on their design projects.

All it takes is a little Photoshop know-how.

Flyer templates cut the time and/or cost of having high quality flyer designs produced by giving you a fantastic pre-made and professional design to start from.

This makes using templates perfect for club owners, bar promoters, business owners and community groups – the sorts of people who need flyers regularly.

Anyone who promotes events of any type can find a flyer template to help them and dramatically decrease the time and money cost of having their flyers designed.

Flyer Templates & Graphic Designers

Flyer Templates could not be a bigger helping hand for the hard working Graphic Designer.

Slash your turn around times and dramatically increase your earnings – just by using our premade templates designs.

Our free and premium flyers are 100% royalty free and come with commercial use licenses – use them for whatever you want.

By using FlyerHeroes’ flyer templates, you have a premade design to start with.

This means you don’t need to start from scratch with a fresh idea and so you’ll reduce the time your projects take to complete.

What does this mean?

Providing you keep your project fee the same, you immediately increase your hourly earnings – dramatically.

There’s an added bonus too.

By delivering projects quicker, you’ll also have happier clients. Win win, huh?

The icing on the cake you ask? Once you’ve purchased a single flyer template from us, you can use it an unlimited amount of times. That one single license allows you to use it in as many client projects as you’ll ever need.


With every flyer template comes our sterling Hero Support.

Having trouble understanding the structure of a file? Can’t edit a certain element of the flyer? Need a helping hand? You got it.

We offer email, Facbook and Skype based support for all of our products – for free too.

Feel free to contact us if you need help with your purchase or if you have any pre-sale questions!