Cash Killaz Flyer Template

Cash Killaz Flyer Template

Cash Killaz Flyer Template

Cash Killaz Flyer template is a slick, hard-hitting and urban style Photoshop PSD flyer template for clubs, bars and urban music events.

Design Style

If the design style of Cash Killaz could be summed up with one word, I think ‘badass’ would suffice!

Sporting a signature FlyerHeroes design style with metallic header and footer strips, stickers and metallic-stroked area dividers, this template is a mashup of urban grunge and high class design.

The center of the document is definitely where the eyes are drawn to most. With a large, 3D and pink title text area that is almost jumping out of the page, your event and nightclub’s name will not be missed.

There are 3 large feature image clipping mask areas in the header of this design, for you to add in your performers, punter photographs or simply some sexy model stock images.

The title text (powered by smart objects) for this design is made of up of three different fonts and layer styles that both contrast and complement one another when mixed together.

Towards the footer area of the design are separate boxes for supporting acts, which can easily be converted to show drinks offers or even completely removed.

The very footer section of the design contains a text area for you to publish information on your event, club, it’s location and your web address.

What fonts do I need for this template?

General information:

Cash Killaz Flyer Template is a fully editable Photoshop PSD. Once you have downloaded this template, using Adobe Photoshop CS4+ you can make use of this flyer design an unlimited number of times 100% royalty free.

You are free to customise this design however you wish and use in both personal and commercial projects without ever crediting FlyerHeroes.

Stock images of models are not included in the final download.

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