Stiletto Free Restaurant / Singer Flyer Template

If you’ve been interacting with us over on our Facebook page then you’ll have known that this freebie has been coming all week!

Stiletto is a free restaurant flyer template that also doubles up as a flyer design to promote live singer performances!

Our current goal with FlyerHeroes is to build up an inventory of both free and premium flyer templates that is as varied as physically possible.

This means creating flyer templates for nightclubs, bars, restaurants, community organisations and more – however the real clincher and test of skill is creating such varied flyer templates that are as flexible as they are different.

This is something that we’re aiming to do, and this week, we think we’ve hit the nail on the head.

Stiletto Free Restaurant Flyer Template is a fantastic addition to our growing and varied library. With luscious and deep reds, elegant falling petals and crisp gold borderlines, Stiletto is a flyer design that most certainly portrays the image of a high end brand.

Sure, Stiletto is pencilled out to be a “Free Restarant Flyer Template“, however as a “template”, it should therefore be customisable and flexible enough to edit, cut copy and paste into something totally different – whilst still keeping it’s original framework.

To show how easy Stiletto flyer template is to customise and make your own, we’ve included not just one design, but a second variation design as well this week!

Who say’s we don’t treat you guys well huh? 😛

What fonts do I need for Stiletto Flyer Template?

Where can I get those sexy model stock photos?

Stiletto Free Restaurant / Singer Flyer Template

Stiletto Free Restaurant Flyer Template

Bonus variation included!

Stiletto 2 Flyer Template

Stiletto Free Flyer Template

Stiletto Free Flyer Template Mockup 2


By downloading this free DJ Flyer Template you accept to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.

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