Free Flyer Friday #53 – Luxury Lounge Flyer Template


Who want’s a little luxury in the freebies catalogue? You do, huh? Well, you’re gunna love this then…

As you may have noticed, I’ve been switching up my of late. I want to build a bigger, better and more varied archive of free flyer templates.

Now, today that style switches itself to a more upmarket, luxury and rather elegant type of design with Luxury Lounge Flyer Template, which of course is free!

Luxury Lounge Flyer Template has a very elegant feel to it. With a strong, rich background texture and highly contrasting bold and thin font weights for the text, the text based information stands out incredibly well allowing the eye to flow easily over the design.

Whilst the example design for Luxury Lounge Flyer Template is set up as though it is advertising a club event, it’s rustic style design is perfect for advertising specials and promotions at restaurants and food venues, for example.

Not to mention that this free Photoshop PSD is so easy to use and well customised that even a novice designer could download it and customise it to suit anything, like bars, nightclubs, businesses or, like previously said, even restaurants!

However, if you’re dead set on finding a luxury flyer template for your club or client and Luxury Lounge just doesn’t cut the mustard (a little saying we have here in England for when something isn’t ‘good enough’) you should definitely check out Half Price Weekenders Flyer Templates, another super glamorous flyer template we have, although Half Price Weekenders has a much more club-feel to it.

So what fonts do I need for this flyer?

  • Gotham

Where can I get stock photos?

Luxury Lounge Flyer Template

Luxury Lounge Flyer Template

Luxury Lounge Flyer Template

Luxury Lounge Flyer Template

Luxury Lounge Flyer Template


By downloading this free flyer template you agree to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.

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  • Angel

    Gracias Esta padrisimo (Y)!

    • Adam

      No hay de qué!

  • prolificdrummer

    All I can say is, “yo da man, ADAM” this flyer is nice. I’m loving its versatility. Keep up the great work bruh!

    • Adam

      Cheers bro! Thank you for the kind words! Glad you enjoy the work! :D

  • csepe43

    Amazing! THX for free!

    • Adam

      Thank you! You’re very welcome! :D

  • luysoliver

    MAN! I have no words to thanks you! :(

    • Adam

      Not sure how to take that!? haha

  • dmaher2007

    Thank you for your time, effort and work.

    • Adam

      You’re very welcome!

  • pookie

    Hey Adam. I am very very new to this, but after you download the template and open photoshop, how do you customize the text?

  • pookie

    ok I kind of got the hang of it. My question is how do I find the image of people that you used in the flyer and under image goes here, how do you insert the image?

    • Adam

      Replace the layer with your image, right click the layer and select “Create clipping mask”

  • tlhdesigns

    Adam is awesome. Ever since i had a baby it’s been hard to get stuff done and dish out designs for customers. You’ve helped me out tremendously with your pre-designs! I’m so addicted that we even purchase bundles now, lol.

    • Adam

      Glad to hear that they can help you out! Good luck juggling both parenting and freelancing! :P

  • Rick Parma

    love the designs…

    2 questions: 1 where do I find the Gotham font and 2 do you know how to change the layer visibility so i can see all the layers and not just folders..

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