Honey Lounge Free Flyer Template

The Honey Lounge Flyer Template is a sexy, luxurious and super easy to customise free PSD club flyer template – perfect for your next nightclub flyer project! I’ve got to admit though, I think this week’s freebie definitely shows that the standard of free flyers here is definitely getting higher!

On that note, why the heck am I giving this stuff away for free!? 😛 Just kidding, the freebies will keep rolling in!

I quite enjoyed putting together Honey Lounge Flyer Template. I wanted to create a design that was dark and sexy and applicable to many different clubs and brand styles, similar to that of Pleasure Lounge Flyer Template – one of our most successful freebies so far actually 🙂

As with all our other freebies, you get a fully editable Photoshop PSDs. Very well organised and super easy to customise layers.

However, this time I’ve thrown in a bonus colour change layer, so with one click you can choose to have the shiny gold and rather more luxurious design, or on the other hand, switch to the duo-tone and much cooler blue style design. 🙂

What fonts do I need for this flyer template?

Where can I get that sexy stock photo from?!

Honey Lounge Free Club Flyer Template

Honey Lounge Flyer Template

Honey Lounge Flyer Template

Honey Lounge Flyer Templates Mockups

Honey Lounge Flyer Templates Mockups


By downloading this free club flyer template you agree to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.

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