Free Flyer Friday #35 – Whiskey Flyer Template

Whiskey Flyer Template

Well, my love for the stuff has finally shone through, in the form of a free whiskey flyer template. It goes without saying (or at least I hope) that this flyer design is based on good ol’ tasty Jack Daniels; with coke anyone?

Whilst on the face of it, this template is rather simple. Black and white, no pictures or design elements and nothing but text – the design is so incredibly striking for the single reason of it’s instantly recognisable qualities.

For those of you who own bars or who’re designing on behalf of those who do, this flyer is absolutely perfect if you’re serving up Jack Daniels for your punters – hell, why not host a JD drink promotion?

With a flyer like this being sent out amongst the crowds, you’ll shift gallons of the stuff!

What fonts do I need for this Flyer Template?

  • Times
  • Lobster 1.4
  • Bentham
  • American Typwriter
  • Gotham

Where do I get those sexy stock photos?

Free Whiskey Flyer Template

Free Whiskey Flyer Template

Free Whiskey Flyer Template


By downloading this (awesome) free flyer template, you agree to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.

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  • flyerbass

    Nice one guys, thanks.

    • Adam

      You’re welcome! :D

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  • fero

    Bom dia ….não estou conseguindo completar o download,vai até a metade e para.

    • Adam

      Limpe seu cache e tente novamente :)

  • baragraf

    esta baina ta bien echa hasta me excite cuando baje unoo

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  • Jennay1986

    why doesnt it work!!

    • Adam

      It does :S :)
      What’s the problem you’re having Jennay? I am happy to help :)

  • http://TheSaloonMiddlesbrough Benjamin

    Hey, is there any link I can use to find the Fonts?
    I can’t find them anywhere

    • Adam

      Just drop the names into Google and you will find them, Benjamin :)
      Times should already be installed on your computer.

  • MastaBoy

    Hi ! How do you set the picture in your template ? Doesn’t work for me :/

    Great template by the way ! :D

    • Adam

      If you mean how to set the DJ images, place you image above the DJ image placeholder and right click ‘create clipping mask’

  • awags822

    cant get the “file” to open??

    • awags822

      i guess its because i dont have the right program to open a psd file…:-/

      • Adam

        You’ll need a copy of Photoshop :)

  • anajuliavb

    I have a copy of photoshop cs5, and the file does not work :((

    • Adam

      Try re-downloading

  • Anthony

    It wont let me download it. it says “It seems there is an issue with the download link, please try again later. If this happens again please contact us via email at adam at flyerheroes com”


    • Adam

      Hey Anthony, the email should still send to you (hopefully). It seems we have a cross-browser problem but we’re working on it. An update to the downloads system should be published soon.

  • Larry

    Great Template!

    Quick FYI;

    in my search for the missing fonts I came across the custom fonts apparently modeled on the actual JD Label. Namely; Jasper Daniels, Lynchburg and Motlow. Anyone who might want to take this flyer to the nth can take a look here;

    Crackin flyer guys! Cheers!

    • Adam

      Hey Larry, glad you like it!

      Yah I came across these too, only problem is these are custom fonts made specifically for Jack Daniels, based on the original lettering.

      You can’t actually download them and so, I had to use available fonts that looked similar.

      Anyway.. enjoy the flyer bro!

  • Marlin McKay

    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to show some love for your AWESOME template! I knew what I wanted my flyer to look like so I typed in Jack Daniels inspired event poster and this beautiful, easy to use image popped up!

    I would love to see and use more of you work and appreciate you offering these for the public to use!

    I love giving credit where credit is due, so if you wouldn’t mind sending me the name you would like to use, I will put it on subsequent projects!


    • Adam

      You’re very welcome Marlin! Glad you enjoyed it!

      • Axel

        Adam, the download doesn’t work anymore, can i still get the psd? I love it!

  • Axel

    Hi, can’t download it. Would love to have it, can someone sent the PSD file to me?

    • Adam McIntyre

      Hey @disqus_Ra7cqQ5YCA:disqus, please try again now.

      • Axel

        Hi Adam, stil doesn’t work. Can you send the psd it to my personal e-mail maybe? it is, would love to have it!

        Thanks anyway!

        • Adam McIntyre

          Hey Axel, it seems to be working here. Can you clear your web browser’s cache before you try again?

          • Axel

            Hey Adam! It works! Thank you!!

  • Alex

    Hello, I would love to have this template, would you be able to send it to me? It is not able to download?

    • Adam McIntyre

      Click the big green Download button :)

      • Alex

        I did, I’m not able to customize it.

        • Adam McIntyre

          you will need to use Adobe Photoshop on your computer to customise the template.

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